Self Image

When my parents asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up, I said I was going to be a traveling artist.  It made sense to me, because I loved drawing, making crafts, and I was always curious about the big, unknown world out there.  My life path took a little more traditional route - I finished my science degree in the US, and started working in the biotech industry.  My job allowed me the flexibility to travel and take up hobbies that I dreamed about as a child.  Photography was one such hobby - I started traveling the world with my camera.  A year of sabbatical brought me inspiration, calmness, joy, and focus to commit to photography fully.

Food came as a natural companion during traveling.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my dad preparing different dishes for our family, or my grandma's version of certain foods that I'd never touch if made by anyone else.  Food connects people, provokes emotions, creates stories, and restores memories.

I enjoy my work with restaurant industry - from Michelin starred restaurants, to mom and pop shops.  They all have unique and fascinating stories that I help present.  My still frequent travel inspires me to create dishes and recipes not just from my hometown Xi'An and China. Places such as Brazil, Balkans, France, Italy, Thailand (and, of course, US) are all part of the great memories I'd love share through their food I had when I was there.  I tried to add my personal touch by focusing on healthy and locally available ingredients.   I share here some of my work, and hope that it brings you the same joy, peace, and inspiration that it did to me.


with love,


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